Print Battle 2021 – CPA vs City of Belfast Photographic Society

On Tuesday 20 April 2021 we had our annual print battle with City of Belfast Photographic Society. Unfortunately last year the competition had to be cancelled as we entered lockdown; this year, whilst still unable to battle with actual prints, we decided to go ahead with a digital image version of the competition.

Each club put forward 20 prints, a mix of colour and mono, and they were scored out of 20. It was the turn of CPA to act as host and provide the judge for the event and we were delighted to welcome Kieran Murray once again. Kieran gave extensive feedback on all the images before presenting his scores for each image: nothing scored below 15 and 5 images gained a perfect score.

The total score was follows:

CoB 344
CPA 352

Our thanks to City of Belfast for joining us on Zoom to continue this long-standing tradition. We look forward to being able to meet in person at City of Belfast next season. Thanks also go to Kieran for his time and expertise.

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