2020 Gallery

Tuesday 1st September was the opening night of the 2020/21 season and the 114th Annual Exhibition at CPA Camera Club. Our Exhibition was deferred in April due to the lockdown restrictions put in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However since not many clubs can lay claim to such a long history, it was important to the Committee to maintain tradition as much as possible, and so rather than being cancelled altogether the Exhibition was deferred, the print sections were run with digital submission of images, and the projected digital image section was not contested.

Our judge this year was Anita J Kirkpatrick from Enniskillen Photographic Society. Anita judged one of our NIPA Interclub competition rounds for us earlier in the year and we were very pleased to welcome her back, virtually if not physically. Anita judged the images online and presented her feedback via a Zoom video conference with the members.

The results of the 2020 Annual Exhibition are as follows:

Section 1 – Monochrome Prints – Advanced
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – Lizars Challenge Cup
1st) Robert Sergeant – Don’t Bottle It
2nd) Stephen Emerson – The Weaver
3rd) Robert Sergeant – Frank
Highly commended) Chelle McGaughey — Waterdrops
Highly commended) Pauline McAleese – Off to Work
Commended) Steve Haydon – Casual Look

Class L – Landscapes & Seascapes – McCullagh Cup
1st) Vittorio Silvestri – Slidderyford Infrared
2nd) Chelle McGaughey – Fishing Fleet
3rd) Vittorio Silvestri – Low Under Span 15
Highly commended) Pauline McAleese – Grey Day at the Hook
Highly commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Whiterock Arch
Commended) Robert Sergeant – 12 Arches, Dundrum

Class G – General Subjects – Dunne Challenge Cup
1st) Vittorio Silvestri – Span No 15
2nd) Robert Sergeant – Paperclip Family
3rd) Robert Sergeant – Ring Tailed Lemurs
Highly commended) Steve Haydon – Jump
Highly commended) Steve Haydon – Metallic Fly
Commended) Robert Sergeant – Locked in Reflections

Section 2 – Monochrome Prints – Novice
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – McCrum Challenge Cup
1st) Steve McComb – Susan
2nd) Brian Carey – Scared
3rd) Brian Carey – Wills

Class G – General Subjects & Landscapes – CPA Club Shield
1st) Steve McComb – Hookhead
2nd) Steve McComb – Water Slalom
3rd) Brian Carey – Sliddery
Highly commended) Colin Paul – Forgotten Boat
Commended) Colin Paul – Decaying Boat

Section 3 – Colour Prints – Advanced
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – D Gooding Challenge Cup
1st) Robert Sergeant – Get Me Out of This Lockdown
2nd) Steve Haydon – Harley Quinn 2
3rd) Stephen Emerson – Eye Pad
Highly commended) Steve Haydon – Elsa
Highly commended) Robert Sergeant – Captain America
Highly commended) Chelle McGaughey – Green Eyed Girl
Commended) Stephen Emerson – Shadow Dance

Class L – Landscapes & Seascapes – Leitch Cup
1st) Robert Sergeant – Fairy Glen, North Wales
2nd) Stephen Emerson – Into the Blue
3rd) Robert Sergeant – Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Highly commended) Steve Haydon – Bad Eddie
Highly commended) Robert Sergeant – Spring Planting, Hillsborough
Commended) Steve Haydon – Milky Way

Class G – General Subjects – McDowell Challenge Cup
1st) Robert Sergeant – Puffin, Saltees Island, Wexford
2nd) Robert Sergeant – Mating Common Blue Butterflies
3rd) Pauline McAleese – Malachite Butterfly
Highly commended) Pauline McAleese – Gloucester Cathedral
Highly commended) Pauline McAleese – No Match for the Firefighters
Commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Home Coming

Section 4 – Colour Prints – Novice
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – B Stalker Trophy
1st) Steve McComb – AJ
2nd) Brian Carey – Winnie
3rd) Steve McComb – Freddie

Class G – General Subjects & Landscapes – N Cameron Shield
1st) Steve McComb – Orangutan
2nd) Steve McComb – Mussendun
3rd) Steve McComb – Puffin

Section 5 – Child Portraits – Open Colour/Monochrome Prints
Henri Challenge Cup
1st) Robert Sergeant – Junior Champ
2nd) Helen Honeyman – Brothers
3rd) Robert Sergeant – Lady Biker
Highly commended) Chelle McGaughey – Crab Market Creche

Section 6 – Architecture – Open Colour/Monochrome Prints
Anderson McMeekin Rose Bowl
1st) Robert Sergeant – Colourful Munich Underground
2nd) Helen Honeyman – Amsterdam Roof
3rd) Steve Haydon – Titanic
Highly commended) Chelle McGaughey – Bayon
Commended) Chelle McGaughey – Back to Nature

Section 7 – PDI – Open
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – J Ramsey Memorial Cup
Not contested

Class L – Landscape & Seascape – McClure Challenge Cup
Not contested

Class G – General Subjects – N Cameron Trophy
Not contested

Section 8 – Related Series of 6 PDI – Open
A Orr Challenge Cup
1st) Pauline McAleese – Butterflies
2nd) Vittorio Silvestri – Spirals
3rd) Robert Sergeant – Insects
Highly commended) Chelle McGaughey – Dinnertime

Section 9 – Audiovisual – Open
Not contested

Section 10 – Panorama – Open
Kieran Close Memorial Trophy
1st) Vittorio Silvestri – View of the Island
2nd) Steve Haydon – Dolomites
3rd) Steve Haydon – Inch Beach
Highly commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Great Pollet Sea Arch
Commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Salt Flats, Lanzarote


Best Image in the Exhibition
Jack Smyth Memorial Trophy
Robert Sergeant – Don’t Bottle It

Best PDI in the Exhibition
Pavilion Bar Trophy
Not contested


Most Successful Overall Entrant in the Exhibition
Norman Harbinson Memorial Trophy
Robert Sergeant

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