2018 Gallery

Tuesday 1st May saw the opening night of the 2018 Annual Exhibition. This is the 112th exhibition in our club’s long history. We were delighted to welcome everyone to CPA to view the prints and projected digital images on display at one of our biggest exhibitions in many years.Thanks to Hugh Rooney ARPS from Bangor & North Down Camera Club who not only judged the exhibition but returned on two further occasions, firstly to provide comments to the members and again to open the exhibition.

The results of the 2018 Annual Exhibition are as follows:

Section 1 – Monochrome Prints – Advanced

Class P – Portraits & People Studies – Lizars Challenge Cup

1st) William Allen – Counting Whiskers
2nd) William Allen – Jessica in Fur
3rd) Vittorio Silvestri – Sohaib
Highly commended) Paul Hanley – Gypsy Dancer
Highly commended) William Allen – Dancing
Highly commended) William Allen – Tearing Her Hair Out
Commended) Paul Hanley – Timeless
Commended) William Allen – Laugh Out Loud

William Allen








Class L – Landscapes & Seascapes – McCullagh Cup

1st) Robert Sergeant – Glen Coe
2nd) Vittorio Silvestri – Andalusian Windfarm
3rd) Ossie Bruce – Lines in the Sand
Highly commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Infrared Railway

Robert Sergeant








Class G – General Subjects – Dunne Challenge Cup

1st) Paul Hanley – Ascending
2nd) Ossie Bruce – Stormont Park
3rd) Robert Sergeant – The Hogwarts Express
Highly commended) Vittorio Silvestri – All the Way Up
Commended) Chelle McGaughey – Skylon Tower
Commended) Steve Haydon – Coffee Time

Paul Hanley








Section 2 – Monochrome Prints – Novice

Class P – Portraits & People Studies – McCrum Challenge Cup

1st) Michael Mulholland – Across the Ages
2nd) Pauline McAleese – Look Into My Eyes
3rd) Michael Mulholland – Musicians
Highly commended) Michael Mulholland – The Stare
Commended) Michael Mulholland – One Man and His Dog
Commended) Michael Mulholland – The Boatman

Michael Mulholland








Class G – General Subjects & Landscapes – CPA Club Shield

1st) Jim Walker – Samuel Beckett Bridge
2nd) Pauline McAleese – Evening at the Causeway
3rd) Pauline McAleese – Giant’s Causeway
Highly commended) Michael Mulholland – Dancing on Ice
Commended) Stephen Emerson – Seat by the Stove

Jim Walker








Section 3 – Colour Prints – Advanced

Class P – Portraits & People Studies – D Gooding Challenge Cup

1st) William Allen – Rachelle
2nd) William Allen – Dream Girl
3rd) Paul Hanley – A Gentle Look
Highly commended) Steve Haydon – Scary Spice
Highly commended) William Allen – Pauline’s Dream Boy
Commended) William Allen – Jessica in Oils
Commended) William Allen – The Curl

William Allen








Class L – Landscapes & Seascapes – Leitch Cup

1st) Ossie Bruce – Causeway Evening Light
2nd) Vittorio Silvestri – North Coast
3rd) Ossie Bruce – Islandhill
Highly commended) Robert Sergeant – Donegal Sunset
Commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Dunluce Sunset

Ossie Bruce








Class G – General Subjects – McDowell Challenge Cup

1st) Chelle McGaughey – Tree Frog
2nd) Steve Haydon – The Haka
3rd) Chelle McGaughey – Gecko
Highly commended) Paul Hanley – Blue Train
Highly commended) Robert Sergeant – Lisburn Cricketer
Commended) Chelle McGaughey – Puffin in the Rain
Commended) Chelle McGaughey – Stick Insect
Commended) Robert Sergeant – Tara on the Beach

Chelle McGaughey








Section 4 – Colour Prints – Novice

Class P – Portraits & People Studies – B Stalker Trophy

1st) Michael Mulholland – Monk
2nd) Michael Mulholland – The Wave
3rd) Michael Mulholland – Junior Bowls
Highly commended) Michael Mulholland – Gamers
Commended) Michael Mulholland – Farm Worker
Commended) Michael |Mulholland – iPhone Generations

Michael Mulholland








Class G – General Subjects & Landscapes – N Cameron Trophy

1st) Stephen Emerson – Top of the Stairs
2nd) Jim Walker – Sunset
3rd) Helen Honeyman – Riders from the Sea
Highly commended) Pauline McAleese – Lone Tree
Commended) Helen Honeyman – Hebridean Blackhouse
Commended) Michael Mulholland – Giraffe

Stephen Emerson








Section 5 – Child Portraits – Open Monochrome/Colour Prints

Henri Challenge Cup

1st) Vittorio Silvestri – Hiya
2nd) Michael Mulholland – Innocence
3rd) Michael Mulholland – Beach Girl
Highly commended) Michael Mulholland – Cambodia Boy
Highly commended) Michael Mulholland – Face Paints
Commended) Paul Hanley – The Boy on the Train
Commended) Steve Haydon – Almost New

Vittorio Silvestri








Section 6 – Architecture – Open Monochrome/Colour Prints

Anderson McMeekin Rose Bowl

1st) Paul Hanley – Motel One
2nd) Helen Honeyman – Black and White London
3rd) Paul Hanley – Bavarian HQ
Commended) Helen Honeyman – Into the Lava
Commended) Ossie Bruce – Windows to the Theatre

Paul Hanley








Section 7 – PDI – Open

Class P – Portraits & People Studies – J Ramsey Memorial Cup

1st) William Allen – Jessica
2nd) Helen Honeyman – Edward
3rd) Ossie Bruce – Kolkata Prayer
Highly commended) Ossie Bruce – Street Kids
Commended) Michael Mulholland – Posing
Commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Hard Graft

William Allen








Class L – Landscapes & Seascapes – McClure Challenge Cup

1st) Ossie Bruce – Belfast at Night
2nd) Wiliam Allen – Portcoon
3rd) Ossie Bruce – Dunluce Sunset
Highly commended) Robert Sergeant – Shard Sunset
Highly commended) Steve Haydon – Sky View Bridge
Commended) Robert Sergeant – Vasgo de Gamma Bridge
Commended) William Allen – Mountain View

Ossie Bruce








Class G – General Subjects – N Cameron Cup

1st) Andrew Cooke – The Longing
2nd) Vittorio Silvestri – Fungi Study
3rd) Vittorio Silvestri – Porcelain
Highly commended) Ossie Bruce – Kim’s Taxi
Highly commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Rosenthaler Platz
Commended) Michael Mulholland – Blue Starling
Commended) Robert Sergeant – Titanic Quarter Old and New

Andrew Cooke








Section 8 – Related Series of 6 PDI – Open

A Orr Challenge Cup

1st) Steve Haydon – Primates
2nd) Robert Sergeant – Titanic Quarter
3rd) Robert Sergeant – A Day at the Races
Highly commended) Ossie Bruce – Kolkata
Commended) Chelle McGaughey – Up Close and Personal













There were then three final Exhibition trophies to present.

Best Print in the Exhibition

Jack Smyth Memorial Trophy – William Allen – Counting Whiskers

Best Print
William Allen








Best PDI in the Exhibition

Pavilion Bar Trophy – Andrew Cooke – The Longing

Best PDI
Andrew Cooke








Most Successful Overall Entrant in the Exhibition

Norman Harbinson Memorial Trophy – William Allen

William Allen








Also awarded on the night were the trophies for the club competitions held throughout the season. The winners were as follows:

Irish Heritage

Roland Bainbridge Memorial Trophy – Chelle McGaughey

Chelle McGaughey








Photo Essay

Stanley Matchett Trophy – Paul Hanley

Paul Hanley








Flora & Fauna

AES Seal Trophy – Steve Haydon

Steve Haydon








Club Outings

Moucka Shield – Chelle McGaughey

Chelle McGaughey








Practical Nights

Agnew Cup – Ossie Bruce

Ossie Bruce








In addition to these competitions, points were awarded for each of the Interclub rounds during the season and when tallied up the winners were as follows:

Monthly Monochrome Print Shield – Paul Hanley

Monthly Colour Print Shield – Paul Hanley

Monthly PDI Shield – Paul Hanley

Monthly Overall – Paul Hanley

The Clean Sweep!!








Congratulations to all our winners. The 2017-18 season has been an outstanding one for CPA. Here’s hoping that 2018-19 can compare!