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Tuesday 30th April was the opening night of the 113th Annual Exhibition at CPA Camera Club. Not many clubs can lay claim to such history; our exhibition is the culmination of our year’s work, giving members the opportunity to display the fruits of their labours during the 2018/19 season.
We introduced several changes to our exhibition this season: as we have more members we reduced the number of images each member could enter to four per category, and we moved from a standard mount size of 30x40cm to the larger format 40x50cm.

Our judge this year was Damien O’Malley from Dundalk Photographic Society. Damien judged the Will McCrum Memorial Competition for Portraiture for us earlier this year and we were very pleased to welcome him back. The results of the 2019 Annual Exhibition are as follows:

Section 1 – Monochrome Prints – Advanced
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – Lizars Challenge Cup
1st) William Allen – Cloud Dancer
2nd) Chelle McGaughey – Our Dad
3rd) William Allen – Dave the Joiner
Highly commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Three-up
Commended) Robert Sergeant – The Druid

Class L – Landscapes & Seascapes – McCullagh Cup
1st) William Allen – Rosses Point Lighthouse
2nd) Robert Sergeant – Mullaghmore Head
3rd) William Allen – Fishing on the Boyne
Highly commended) Robert Sergeant – Liffey at Night
Commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Minard Castle

Class G – General Subjects – Dunne Challenge Cup
1st) Vittorio Silvestri – Berggruen Staircase
2nd) Steve Haydon – Back Streets of Havana
3rd) Chelle McGaughey – One Name on the Wall
Highly commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Hold Me Tight
Commended) Robert Sergeant – Falcon in Flight

Section 2 – Monochrome Prints – Novice
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – McCrum Challenge Cup
1st) Pauline McAleese – Sightseeing in Paris
2nd) Helen Honeyman – Three Generations in Greenland
3rd) Helen Honeyman – Hoodi

Class G – General Subjects & Landscapes – CPA Club Shield
1st) Pauline McAleese – Slice of Cake
2nd) Pauline McAleese – We Will Remember Them
3rd) Pauline McAleese – Bicycle Race
Highly commended) Helen Honeyman – Casa Manrique Lava Hole
Commended) Helen Honeyman – Ilussilat Church, 69 Degrees N

Section 3 – Colour Prints – Advanced
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – D Gooding Challenge Cup
1st) Steve Haydon – The Nun
2nd) William Allen – Dr Paul Hanley
3rd) William Allen – King Cormac
Highly commended) William Allen – Lady in Pink
Commended) Steve Haydon – Mad Hatter

Class L – Landscapes & Seascapes – Leitch Cup
1st) Ossie Bruce – Calm Evening at Dunluce
2nd) William Allen – Donaghadee
3rd) Vittorio Silvestri – Bridlington Sunrise
Highly commended) Robert Sergeant – London Skyline
Commended) Robert Sergeant – Evening over Samual Beckett Bridge

Class G – General Subjects – McDowell Challenge Cup
1st) Vittorio Silvestri – Surfer, La Santa
2nd) Steve Haydon – The Vulture
3rd) Vittorio Silvestri – Banded Demoiselle
Highly commended) Vittorio Silvestri – High Tea
Commended) Steve Haydon – Franciscan Monastery

Section 4 – Colour Prints – Novice
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – B Stalker Trophy
1st) Helen Honeyman – Brexit Threesome
2nd) Helen Honeyman – There’s no-one quite like Grandad
3rd) Helen Honeyman – Invit Funeral
Commended) Pauline McAleese – Stay Safe

Class G – General Subjects & Landscapes – N Cameron Shield
1st) Helen Honeyman – Hvalseyfjord, Greenland
2nd) Helen Honeyman – In Memoriam
3rd) Pauline McAleese – Chocolat
Highly commended) Helen Honeyman – Quassiarsuk, Greenland

Section 5 – Child Portraits – Open Colour/Monochrome Prints
Henri Challenge Cup
1st) William Allen – Ruby
2nd) Chelle McGaughey – Hope
3rd) Steve Haydon – Run Away
Highly commended) Trevor Griffiths – Schoolgirl, Varanasi, India
Commended) Helen Honeyman – Hama, Tajikistan

Section 6 – Architecture – Open Colour/Monochrome Prints
Anderson McMeekin Rose Bowl
1st) Vittorio Silvestri – Stairway, Berlin
2nd) Robert Sergeant – Southwark, London
3rd) Chelle McGaughey – Varsity Blues
Highly commended) Chelle McGaughey – The Oculus
Commended) William Allen – City of London

Section 7 – PDI – Open
Class P – Portraits & People Studies – J Ramsey Memorial Cup
1st) William Allen – Rachelle
2nd) Helen Honeyman – Junior Drummers
3rd) William Allen – Moody Hoody
Highly commended) William Allen – Soviet Beauty
Commended) Michael Mulholland – Smoking Woman

Class L – Landscape & Seascape – McClure Challenge Cup
1st) Darren Brown – Glencoe Flow
2nd) Vittorio Silvestri – Inch Strand
3rd) Ossie Bruce – Causeway Sun Setting
Highly commended) Ossie Bruce – The Blue Yonder
Commended) Robert Sergeant – Sligo Tree

Class G – General Subjects – N Cameron Trophy
1st) William Allen – Chains
2nd) William Allen – Halifax Building
3rd) Steve Haydon – Living on the Edge
Highly commended) Michael Mulholland – King and Queen
Commended) Michael Mulholland – Peek-a-boo

Section 8 – Related Series of 6 PDI – Open
A Orr Challenge Cup
1st) Vittorio Silvestri – Fungi Study
2nd) William Allen – Spiral Stairs
3rd) Robert Sergeant – Motorbike Racing
Highly commended) Michael Mulholland – Transporting Cambodia
Commended) Steve Haydon – Auschwitz & Birkenau: Behind the Wire

Section 9 – Audiovisual – Open
Not contested

Section 10 – Panorama – Open
Kieran Close Memorial Trophy
1st) Ossie Bruce – Peyto Lake
2nd) Vittorio Silvestri – Hvannadalshnukur
3rd) Robert Sergeant – Evening Light over Buttermere
Highly commended) Steve Haydon – Rosengarten
Commended) Vittorio Silvestri – Kirkjufell Aurora

Best Print in the Exhibition
Jack Smyth Memorial Trophy
Vittorio Silvestri – Surfer, La Santa

Best PDI in the Exhibition
Pavilion Bar Trophy
Vittorio Silvestri – Fungi 1

Most Successful Overall Entrant in the Exhibition
Norman Harbinson Memorial Trophy
William Allen

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