Results 2016

This year, the fifth year of the competition, the entry consisted of 96 prints, 49 mono and 47 colour of which 44 were female portraits and 52 were male.

Our judge this year was Linda Salem, a professional portrait and wedding photographer. Once again CPA chose an external (non-NIPA) judge for this competition. Linda spent a considerable amount of time going through all the prints before making her final selection. She was very impressed with the standard of the entry and commended a large number of prints.

On the 10th January 2017 Linda came to CPA to give her comments to a packed house. She explained what she was looking for in a portrait and that the most important things are impact and expression, and offered advice on composition and angles.

For the fifth year in a row the winning print was a male portrait, however for the first time it was a colour image rather than mono that took the day. Congratulations to Catchlight Camera Club for having had the winning author for the fifth time, and thank you to all who entered. We’re already looking forward to next year.








1st – John Tinney, Catchlight – Winner Takes All
2nd – Paul Hanley, CPA – Luke
3rd – Alan Reid, Ards – Sam
H Comm – Brian McClure, Catchlight – Brother Gerald
H Comm – Neal Ritchie, Ards – Boat ManH Comm – Hugh Wilkinson, Catchlight – Amber
Comm – Brian McClure, Catchlight – The Cruciverbalist
Comm – John A Hill, CPA – Steve
Comm – Darren Brown, Bangor – Gold
Comm – John Tinney, Catchlight – Guitar Man
Comm – Vittorio Silvestri, CPA – Veteran Pilot
Comm – Hugh Wilkinson, Catchlight – Grey Beard
Comm – Hugh Wilkinson, Catchlight – A Friendly Face
Comm – Ross McKelvey, Catchlight – Fredau in Natural Light
Comm – Ross McKelvey, Catchlight – Unimana
Comm – Ross McKelvey, Catchlight – The Curator
Comm – Ross McKelvey, Catchlight – Chainmail Headshawl
Comm – Ross McKelvey, Catchlight – The Clown
Comm – Brian McClure, Catchlight – The Sheik
Comm – Brian McClure, Catchlight – Man of Mystery
Comm – Paul Hanley, CPA – Self Portrait
Comm – Paul Hanley, CPA – The Actors
Comm – Shirley O’Neill, Catchlight – Alone in the City
Comm – Shirley O’Neill, Catchlight – Winter Warmer
Comm – Laurie Campbell, Catchlight – Cold Stare
Comm – Angela Cunning, Ballymoney – Winter Dream