Irish Heritage

For the Roland Bainbridge Memorial Trophy

Heritage: Examples of the past, which are still visible, at risk, or now gone. Local subjects of which records can become an archive for the present and the future.
Aim: To record interesting and suitable subjects. To make them attractive and pictorial.


  1. The subjects must be in Ireland.
  2. They should be typical, traditional, and authentic. Heritage is a documentary subject and should be portrayed as it is.
    For example:  Buildings in use, not in use or decaying
    Antiquities – dolmens, high crosses etc.
    Customs or skills at risk
    Old characters in natural surroundings
    Notable old bridges, landmark trees, farming, fishing, transport etc.
  3. Only prints can be entered; a maximum of four, black & white or colour. Prints from slides are also acceptable. Max mount size 30x40cm.
  4. Include a factual title across the corner (annual exhibition style) e.g. “The Priory, Lambeg 2004, Built 1840.” A sentence (which will be read to the judge) giving additional information may be put on the back of the print.