NIPA 19-20 R3 – Open

On Tuesday 10 December we had the last of the Wex Interclub Competition rounds for 2019. This Open round was judged by Dr Anita Kirkpatrick from Enniskillen Photographic Society. The print entry consisted of 15 mono and 18 colour images and Anita took the time to comment on them all. Many thanks, Anita, especially given the distance you had to travel to join us.

Anita’s selection was as follows:

1) Helen Honeyman – New Amsterdam
2) Michael Mulholland – Prayer
3) Pauline McAleese – Grey Day at the Hook
4) Stephen Emerson – Seat by the Stove

1) Robert Sergeant – Puffin
2) Pauline McAleese – No Match for the Firefighters
3) Helen Honeyman – Quassiasurk Iceberg
4) Robert Sergeant – Ringtails
N) Steve McComb – Mussenden Temple

1) Robert Sergeant – Fungi
2) Stephen Emerson – Into the Blue
3) Pauline McAleese – Swallowtail
4) Helen Honeyman – Monumental Play

Results to date can be found here.

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