NIPA 19-20 R2 – Landscape

On Tuesday 22nd October 2019 we had our second round of the Wex Interclub Competition, and the first of the theme/genre rounds for this season with entries having to be in the genre of Landscape Photography. Our judge for the evening was Mark Allen DPAGB of Bangor & North Down Camera Club.

The entry consisted of 20 mono prints, 24 colour prints and 21 project digital images. Mark not only took the time to comment on every image, but thoroughly entertained us with his insights on composition among other things – a teaching session and judging session rolled into one. Thank you again, Mark, and we hope to see you back in CPA before too long.

1. Hook Head Lighthouse – Steve McComb
2. Lake Bled – Robert Sergeant
3. Loughros Point Skywalking – Andrew Cooke
4. Dunluce – Michael Mulholland

1. Riders from the Sea – Helen Honeyman
2. Ballintoy – Michael Mulholland
3. Causeway Sun Setting – Ossie Bruce
4. Uig Beach, Outer Hebrides – Helen Honeyman
N. Pan’s Rock – Steve McComb

1. Aurora on Ice – Chelle McGaughey
2. Tree in Rapeseed – Stephen Emerson
3. Sunset – Paula Johnston
4. Oasis – Michael Mulholland

Congratulations, everyone. Points to date are available here.

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