NIPA 19-20 R1 – Open

On Tuesday 24th September we had the first open round of the Wex Interclub Competition 2019-20. Our judge for the evening was NIPA President Hugh Rooney ARPS from Bangor & North Down Camera Club.

The entry consisted of 17 mono, 21 colour and 22 PDI. Hugh commented on all the images and offered his advise on possible improvements. Thanks, Hugh, always a pleasure to welcome you to the club.

Hugh’s selection was as follows:


  1. Steve McComb – Flamingo
  2. Helen Honeyman – Black and White London
  3. Chelle McGaughey – Hope
  4. Trevor Griffiths – Bandstand Shadows


  1. Steve Haydon – The Nun
  2. Steve McComb – Ring-tailed Lemur
  3. Steve Haydon – Scary Spice
  4. Steve Emerson – The Fiddler’s Apprentice


  1. Pauline McAleese – Malachite Butterfly
  2. Steve Haydon – Franciscan Monk
  3. Steve McComb –  Orangutan
  4. Steve McComb – Puffin

The Steves are taking over the show! Well done, everyone. Points to date can be found here.

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