NIPA Rd 4 – Open

Tuesday 22nd January saw our last open round of the NIPA Interclub Competition for the season. Our judge for the evening was Matthew Canning of BPIC. Matthew took the time to comment on all the images, giving constructive advice on how improvements could be made. Thank you, Matthew, for your time.

His selection was as follows:


  1. Chelle McGaughey – Our Dad
  2. Michael Mulholland – Child with Bun
  3. Steve Haydon – Ye Olde Spiral Staircase
  4. William Allen – The Victorian
  5. Pauline McAleese – The Twisted Walkway (N)


  1. Vittorio Silvestri – Banded Demoiselle
  2. Colin Paul – Mother and Baby Hippo (N)
  3. William Allen – King Cormac
  4. Vittorio Silvestri – Fungi Trio


  1. Vittorio Silvestri – Fungi Macro
  2. Robert Sergeant – Not More Talk of Brexit
  3. Chelle McGaughey – Fancy Frenchie
  4. Pauline McAleese – The Lonely Buddha (N)

Well done to everyone who had an image selected, and especially to Colin, one of our new members, on his first placed image.

Results to date can be found here.

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