NIPA Rd 3 – Book or Song Title

Round 3 of the NIPA Interclub Competition was the first themed round of the season, with images representing a book or song title. Entries had to include the book title and author or the song title and artiste respectively. Themed rounds always provide a challenge and make us think outside the box, getting away from the more usual types of images that we enter in the open rounds.

Martin Spackman ARPS of Westcourt Camera Club was our very worthy judge for the evening, and as he examined each image the title and author/artiste was read out for his consideration. Martin commented on every image, giving his opinion both on the image itself and on whether or not he felt it met the theme. For example, of the 19 mono images, Martin felt that only 10 had hit the spot with their theme. Thank you for your time and expertise, Martin, always good to see you at CPA.

Martin’s selection was as follows:


1) Steve Haydon – The White Cat and the Monk
2) William Allen – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
3) Robert Sergeant – Stairway to Heaven
4) Michael Mulholland – The Invisible Man
N) Pauline McAleese – Bicycle Race


1) Stephen McComb – Song of Ice and Fire
2) William Allen – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
3) William Allen – Clockwork Orange
4) Vittorio Silvestri – Eye of the Tiger


1) Ossie Bruce – Blue Moon
2) William Allen – Send in the Clowns
3) Pauline McAleese – Chocolat
4) William Allen – Mists of Avalon

Results to date can be found here

Steve Haydon
Stephen McComb
Ossie Bruce

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