NIPA Rd 5 – Food Photography

On Tuesday 27th February we had the last round of this year’s Wex Photo Video Interclub Competition, with the much-anticipated genre of Food Photography. Our judge for the evening was one of our own members, Darren Brown. Earlier in the month Darren gave us a presentation that he had also given at his other club, Bangor & North Down, showing a wide range of examples of food photography, both good and bad – food for thought!

The entry on the night consisted of 25 mono, 37 colour and 36 PDIs, and showcased the creative talent of our members. Darren had a difficult job making his selection from such a diverse range of images. His choice of placed images was as follows:


1) Steve Haydon – Coffee Time
2) William Allen – Eve’s Gift
3) Michael Mulholland – Tic Tac Polo
4) Stephen Emerson – Blackberry Bowl
N) Stephen Emerson – Blackberry Bowl


1) Paul Hanley – Coffee Cans
2) Paul Hanley – Smoked Garlic
3) Michael Mulholland – Happy Cereal
4) Stephen Emerson – Porridge
N) Stephen Emerson – Porridge


1) Louise Borbely – Sushi
2) Chelle McGaughey – Three of a Kind
3) Paul Hanley – Spill the Beans
4) Stephen Emerson – Cappuccino Jacuzzi
N) Stephen Emerson – Cappuccino Jacuzzi

Well done everyone, it was obvious the amount of work that had gone into this round, and congratulations to Stephen Emerson, a new member this year, for having not one but three images selected – everyone adored your Cappuccino Jacuzzi.

Results are available here.

Steve Haydon
Paul Hanley
Louise Borbely

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