NIPA Rd 4 – Open

On Tuesday 23rd January 2018 we had Round 4 of the Wex Photo Video Interclub Competition. Our judge for the evening was Colin Ross of Catchlight Camera Club.

Colin commented on many of the 36 mono and 42 colour images that made up the print entry, finding that the mono entry was particularly strong. This last open round of the season saw a very diverse entry, which is often the case when only a themed round remains. Many thanks for your time and expertise, Colin.

Colin’s choice of placed images was as follows:


1) Paul Hanley – On Two Levels
2) Steve Haydon – The Fiddler
3) Vittorio Silvestri – White Lily
4) Vittorio Silvestri – Misty Stacks, Vik
N) Steve Haydon – The Fiddler


1) Paul Hanley – Entering Gaudi’s World
2) Paul Hanley – The Girl in the Middle
3) Vittorio Silvestri – Bad Weather, Grundarfjordur
4) Steve Haydon – The Haka
N) Steve Haydon – The Haka


1) Paul Hanley – Spiraling into the Light
2) Paul Hanley – Berlin Eye
3) Chelle McGaughey – Dragon’s Breath
4) Ossie Bruce – Street Kids
N) Michael Mulholland – At Peace

Congratulations to Paul on a clean sweep of first places. Results to date are available here.

Paul Hanley
Paul Hanley
Paul Hanley
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