NIPA Rd 3 – Infrastructure

On Tuesday 12th December we had Round 3 of the Wex Photo Video Interclub Competition, with the theme of Infrastructure. Our judge for the evening was Damien McDonald ARPS from Westcourt Camera Club.

Themed rounds can be challenging as they often force us to step outside our comfort zone and shoot for a specific competition rather than what appeals to us. Despite this we saw a good entry on the night of 31 mono, 40 colour and 37 PDIs. Damien took the time to comment on each entry, not only on its quality and composition but on how it met (or indeed didn’t meet) the theme. Many thanks, Damien.

His choice of placed images was as follows:


1) Vittorio Silvestri – Andalusian Windfarm
2) Vittorio Silvestri – Infrared Railway
3) Paul Hanley – Late Night Tube
4) Vittorio Silvestri – The Giants of Infrastructure
N) Michael Mulholland – Heavy Metal


1) Paul Hanley – Blue Train
2) Ossie Bruce – Power Lines with Sun
3) Steve Haydon – The Icy Road
4) William Allen – Belfast Harbour Cranes
N) Steve Haydon – The Icy Road


1) Paul Hanley – Marienplatz U-Bahn
2) Steve Haydon – Thermo Power Station
3) Ossie Bruce – Across the Snowfields
4) William Allen – Belfast Harbour
N) Steve Haydon – Thermo Power Station

Congratulations to Vittorio on getting three out of the four mono places and to Michael on his first image going through to NIPA as a CPA member. Results to date are available here.

Vittorio Silvestri
Paul Hanley
Paul Hanley

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