Judging and Critiquing

On Tuesday 3rd October we had an interactive Judging and Critiquing workshop, run by Vittorio as our most experienced judge on the circuit. With a set of 25 prints on the board, all the members scored them between one and five. Three volunteers – William, Pauline and Harry – then acted as our judges and gave their scores and critiques, with some input from the other members when there was a significant difference in the scoring. We saw a range of scores across the board and heard a variety of viewpoints. After the break Vittorio and Louise, who also judges at club and NIPA level, added their own scores and comments on the prints.

The evening was designed to not only highlight the skills needed to judge and critique but to help members who are seeking PAGB and RPS qualifications to better assess their images when preparing their panels. There is no doubt that attending NIPA adjudication evenings, where you can listen to the judges discuss images from clubs across Northern Ireland, is one of the best ways to gain insight in this area. Another very interesting and instructive session at CPA.

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