Photography Challenge

On Sunday 31st July some of our members gathered for the club’s first Photography Challenge. Louise, who wasn’t able to attend, took on the role of selector. The rest of us gathered at 11am when Louise texted each of us the eight categories she had selected: the challenge was to go off and photograph six of the eight subjects, in JPG format, and return three hours later with only six images on the memory card. Following a break for lunch these were then uploaded and displayed for comment, with the members selecting their winner in each category.

The challenge was not only in identifying shots which met the category but in perfecting the capture in-camera rather than relying on processing to correct composition and exposure afterwards. It was an interesting day and it was indeed challenging, as well as entertaining seeing how the different members interpreted the theme. The categories on the day were: Texture, Street, Reflections, Symmetry, Food, Nature, Water and Holidays, and the members who took part were Steve, Robbie, Helen, Pauline, Frank, Vittorio, Chelle and our most junior member, Maia. Our thanks to Vittorio for coming up with the idea of the challenge and to Louise for selecting the categories. Hopefully we can integrate more Challenge days into the coming season.

Here are a selection of two images from each member who attended:

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