Survival on St Kilda – Ernie Patterson

On Tuesday evening we were treated to another magnificent and memorable presentation by our own member Ernie Patterson which he entitled ‘Survival on St. Kilda’,

The archipelago of St Kilda is the remotest part of the British Isles and lies 41 miles (66 kilometres) west of Benbecula in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.

Prompted initially by his interest in Soay sheep Ernie has visited St. Kilda on two occasions and stayed there for several weeks on each visit. In his talk, illustrated mainly with the images that he took himself, but augmented with images acquired from the archives, Ernie covered the history, the ecology, and the flora & fauna of the islands.

The detail that he managed to include in his talk made this a very informative and thoroughly enjoyable evening and had many of us afterwards wishing that we could visit St. Kilda.

Many thanks to Ernie.


Soay Sheep

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