NIPA 2022-23 RD 2 – Night Photography

On Tuesday 25 October we had the genre round of the WEX Interclub Competition which this season was Night Photography.

Our judge for the evening was Martin Spackman ARPS of Westcourt Camera Club, a frequent visitor to CPA. The entry consisted of 18 mono prints, 20 colour prints and 24 projected digital images. The members submitted a strong entry and Martin commented and advised on all the images. Thank you, Martin, for your time and expertise, as always.


1. Guggenheim Museum – Colin Paul
2. Samuel Beckett Bridge – Brian Carey
3. The Wheel Keeps on Turning – Ossie Bruce
4. Berlin – Robert Sergeant
N. The Arch – Andrew Cooke

1. Spelga Dam – Ossie Bruce
2. Hallgrimskirja – Steve Haydon
3. Reflections Valencia – Pauline McAleese
4. Star Trails over Coumeenoole – Vittorio Silvestri
N. Light Painting – Steve McComb

1. Highway to the Northern Lights – Ossie Bruce
2. Moonlight over Vyk Church – Vittorio Silvestri
3. The Wheel – Steve Haydon
4. Door Light – Min Jing

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