NIPA 2022-23 R1 – Open

Tuesday 27 September saw our first competition of the 2022-23 season with Round 1 of the WEX Interclub Competition. This is an Open round so anything goes!

Our judge for the evening was Stevie McWilliams, a longtime member of CB Camera Club. The entry consisted of 26 mono prints, 26 colour prints and 32 projected digital images, and Stevie took the time to comment on them all. There were some great images on display so it wasn’t an easy task. Thanks for coming along to CPA, Stevie, good to have you with us as a judge instead of a competitor in our annual Print Battle!


1. A Penny for Them – Brian McClure
2. Johnny – Brian McClure
3. De Brazza Monkey – Steve Haydon
4. Winter at Ballintoy Parish – Ossie Bruce
N. Lloyds of London – Trevor Griffiths

1. Sleeping Giant – Vittorio Silvestri
2. Carnival – Chelle McGaughey
3. Barrel Wave – Ossie Bruce
4. Port Charlotte Lighthouse – Colin Paul
N. Girls Day Out – Trevor Griffiths

1. Sidecar Racers – Robert Sergeant
2. The Show Must Go On – Brian McClure
3. Sea Turtle – Chelle McGaughey
4. Pelican – Steve Haydon
N. The Lookout – Maia McGaughey

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