NIPA 2021-22 R2 – Street Photography

On Tuesday 26 October we had the judging of Round 2 of the NIPA Interclub Competition. This is the genre round and this season that meant Street Photography. We were delighted to welcome Irish News press photographer Hugh Russell from CB Camera Club as our guest judge for the evening. Hugh was able to bring his own unique perspective to the round, and we’re very grateful to him for his time and expertise.

Hugh’s selection was as follows:

1. Sun Dance – Stephen Emerson
2. Multitasking Romance – Helen Honeyman
3. Sleeping Rough – Ossie Bruce
4. Havana Hairdresser – Steve Haydon
N. Stealing a Moment – Brian Carey

1. Out With Grandpa – Michael Mulholland
2. Chillin’ – Michael Mulholland
3. Fashion Shoot – Chelle McGaughey
4. Cooking Breakfast – Pauline McAleese
N. It’s Behind You – Brian Carey

1. Male Grooming – Michael Mulholland
2. Face in the Crowd – Michael Mulholland
3. The Village Elders – Robert Sergeant
4. The Exchange – Andrew Cooke

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