Flora & Fauna 2021

On Tuesday 9 November we had our Flora and Fauna competitions. Whilst these were always print competitions, we are continuing to run our in-house competitions digitally this season.

The entry consisted of 20 images in each competition. As usual they were judged by our membership, who scored each image between 1 and 5. This method means we frequently see multiple images gain the same score, and this year was no exception.


1st. Ossie Bruce
Joint 2nd. Helen Honeyman, Pauline McAleese
3rd. Vittorio Silvestri
Joint 4th. Chelle McGaughey, Brian Carey


1st. Brian Carey
2nd. Steve Haydon
Joint 3rd. Helen Honeyman, Vittorio Silvestri
Joint 4th. Brian Carey, Colin Paul

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