NIPA 20-21 R5 – Open

Tuesday 23 February saw the final round of the Wex Interclub Competition for the 2020-21 season. Our judge for the evening was Matthew Canning LIPF BPE3* from Belfast Photo-Imaging Club. Matthew has judged for us before so it was great to welcome him back again.

Matthew’s selection was as follows:

1. Michael Mulholland – My Bun
2. Robert Sergeant – North Coast Big Wave Surfing
3. Robert Sergeant – MX Racer
4. Colin Paul – Heron on the Weir

1. Vittorio Silvestri – La Santa Surfer
2. Robert Sergeant – Queen’s Bridge Belfast
3. Stephen Emerson – Adriatic Mist
4. Frank Dunleavy – Evening Canter

1. Louise Borbely – The Visitor
2. Vittorio Silvestri – Bridlington Sunrise
3. Stephen Emerson – Sudden Shower
4. Brian Carey – Enchanted Wood

The results for the season are available here.

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