NIPA 20-21 R2 – Abstract Photography

On Tuesday 27 October we had Round 2 of the NIPA Interclub Competition 2020-21. Each year, the second round is a specific genre of photography, and this season it was the turn of Abstract.

Our judge for the evening was Daria Casement. Daria has joined us before as a guest speaker so we were very happy to welcome her to CPA for the first time as a judge. Daria’s selection was as follows:

1. Vittorio Silvestri – The Underside
2. Pauline McAleese – Tree of Light
3. Robert Sergeant – Dandelion Parasol
4. Pauline McAleese – Shall We Dance
N. Maia McGaughey – In the Drum

1. Helen Honeyman – Icy Puddle
2. Vittorio Silvestri – Budding
3. Helen Honeyman – Cray Star
4. Steve Haydon – Blurred Vision
N. Brian Carey – Eruption

1. Vittorio Silvestri – Golden Hawk
2. Robert Sergeant – Circles
3. Helen Honeyman – Chaos
4. Stephen Emerson – Sunflower
N. Stephen Emerson – Sunflower

Points to date are available here.

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