Print Battle – CPA vs CB Camera Club

On Tuesday 17th April we had the second of our annual print battles, this time welcoming CB Camera Club to CPA. Our judge for the evening was Brian Maguire from BPIC.

We followed the same format introduced last year: four rounds, two mono and two colour, with each round containing 10 of our prints and 10 from CB. Brian commented on all the prints then scored them out of 5.

Round 1: CPA 34 – CB 33
Round 2: CPA 36 – CB 34
Total: CPA 70 – CB 67

Round 1: CPA 36 – CB 39
Round 2: CPA 37 – CB 37
Total: CPA 73 – CB 76

CPA 143 – CB 143

As can be seen from the scores, the battle couldn’t have been closer. CPA won the mono section by 3 points whilst CB won the colour section by the same 3 points, both clubs scoring an overall total of 143 for what we believe is the first ever tie. Many thanks to Brian for his constructive comments and to all the guys from CB Camera Club for their contribution to the event. We look forward to the rematch at CB next season!

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