Print Battle – CPA vs CBPPU

On Thursday 6th April we had our annual print battle with CBPPU Camera Club, this year hosted by CB. Brian McKenna was the judge for the evening.

We ran with a slightly different format this year: four rounds, two mono and two colour, with each round containing 10 of our prints and 10 from CB. Brian commented on all the prints then scored them between 1 and 5. He then selected the top print in each round which got an extra mark.

CPA scored 35 points in the first mono round to CB’s 29 points, and had the top print.

Round 2 was colour, and the scoring was closer with CPA on 32 points and CB gaining 33 points, with the top print again coming to CPA.

Back to mono for Round 3, and Brian threw the cat among the pigeons with a large number of low scores in this set, unfortunately most of them ours, which meant at the end of the round CPA scored only 22 and CB had 32, with their first top print of the evening.

All to play for in Round 4 then, colour again. The complete opposite of Round 3, with all the 4 and 5 point images coming to CPA, along with the top print once again. A score of 40 for us, double what CB scored, and a very exciting finish.

CPA 57

CPA 72

CPA 129

The battles have been getting tighter over the last few years: CB beat us by 13 points in 2015 and by 8 points in 2016, so it was amazing to finish the night 15 points ahead for the first time. As CB have held a steady place at the top of the NIPA club rankings for quite a few years now, our achievment was particularly sweet for those of us who attended. 

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Hugh Russell for welcoming us so warmly, and to all the CB members who gave us a great battle and who very generously extended the hand of friendship along with the bar facilities at the end of the proceedings! We always enjoy our trips to CB, and look forward to hosting the battle in 2018.


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