NIPA RD4 – Open

Tuesday 12th January saw the fourth round of the NIPA competitions for this season. This was an open round.

Our judge for the evening was Kieran Murray ARPS, AIPF, DPAGB from Banbridge Camera Club.

As has been the case this season, we once again had a big entry. Kieran took the time to comment on all the images – mono, colour and PDI – and provided constructive feedback along with some anecdotes.

Many thanks to Kieran for taking the time to judge for us and for his comments.

Congratulations to Paul Hanley who took seven out of the twelve places this round, almost gaining a clean sweep in both mono and PDI, only spoilt by Vittorio and Dougie respectively. Vittorio also took first place in the colour section.


Kieran’s choice of placed images was as follows:


1st) Paul Hanley – Descending
2nd) Paul Hanley – Ascending
3rd) Vittorio Silvestri – The Not So Dark Hedges
4th) Paul Hanley – Pillars Berlin
N) William Allen – Grumpy old Men

1st) Vittorio Silvestri – Pump House Sunset
2nd) Chelle McGaughey – More Green Than Blue
3rd) Paul Hanley – Luke
4th) Robert Sergeant – Deers at Dawn
N) Robert Sergeant – Deers at Dawn

1st) Paul Hanley – Dublin
2nd) Dougie McCart – Untitled
3rd) Paul Hanley – Berlin
4th) Paul Hanley – Berlin2
N) Dougie McCart – Untitled


Descending – Paul Hanley
Pump House Sunset – Vittorio
Dublin – Paul Hanley








Points to date can be found here

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