NIPA RD1 – Open

On Tuesday we had the first round of the NIPA competitions for this season. This was an open round.

Our judge for the evening was Martin Spackman ARPS from CBPPU.

We had one of our best entries for some time of 26 mono, 41 colour and 55 PDIs so Martin had a big job to do.

Martin gave some good constructive comments on all the prints and some of the PDIs, commenting on how he thought some images could be improved. Only time constraints stopped him from commenting on everything.

Many thanks Martin for your time and effort.

His choice of placed images was as follows:


1st) Paul Hanley – Hoodie
2nd) Vittorio Silvestri – St Vitus Cathedral
3rd) Ossie Bruce – The Yardmen
4th) Louise Borbely – Pin Art
N) Chelle McGaughey – Silent Valley

1st) Paul Hanley – The Actors
2nd) John Winder – Near Dunsevrick
3rd) Louise Borbely – Amethyst Deceivers
4th) Desi McPhillips – Our House
N) Desi McPhillips – Our House

1st) Paul Hanley – Berlin
2nd) Vittorio Silvestri – Hawkes Beard Seed Head
3rd) Eugen Baban – Lough Neagh
4th) Louise Borbely – Razor Bills
N) Eugen Baban – Lough Neagh


Congratulations to Paul on the clean sweep.

Paul Hanley
Paul Hanley – Hoodie
Paul Hanley – The Actors
Paul Hanley
Paul Hanley – Berlin







Point to date can be found here

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