An Evening with Nigel Fleming

On Tuesday we had an interesting and informative evening with local professional portrait photographer, Nigel Fleming.

Nigel arrived with a car load of lights, soft boxes and various attachments.

He began by explaining the difference between hard and soft light and how to achieve this.

With the help of the very beautiful Destiny, Nigel demonstrated the effect one light had and how this could be improved by simply adding a  reflector.

He then went on to add a background light and hair light, photographing the effect each had separately (see first image).

The second image shows the finished result.

He went on to explain how various forms of lighting, including hard lighting with shadows, can help to define and make a portrait.

On behalf of the members, I know we all got something from the night, may I thank you for an entertaining and informative evening


Studio Session-079c Studio Session-079l Studio Session-086 Studio Session-093 Studio Session-096


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