Will McCrum Memorial Competition – Judges Comments

Last Tuesday we had Donovan Wylie local Magnum photographer at the club to comment on his selection of commended and placed images for the first Will McCrum Memorial competition for portraiture.

This was a competition open to all members of clubs affiliated to NIPA.

We had a good entry of 65 images from 22 photographer from 5 NIPA clubs.

Donovan paid tribute to Will saying that he had helped him get started in his early years as a member of the CPA.

He then talked about the entry and selected a few images which he looked at in closer detail.

He asked several members what they saw in these images and help them look further than what they seen on the surface.

He had a very different and refreshing approach compared to many NIPA judge















His choice of winner, placed and commended images were as follows:

1st) Ross McKelvey, Catchlight – “Stephen”
2nd) Alan Reid, Ards – “Tristan”
3rd) Martin Courtney, Catchlight – “The Carpenter”

Commended) Vittorio Silvestri, CPA – “Down & Dirty”
Commended) Paul Jepps, Catchlight – “Gerald”
Commended) Ross McKelvey – “Johnny Fee”

Many thanks for your time and effort Donovan.


Stephen 8px
1st) Stephen – Ross McKelvey, Catchlight
2nd) Tristan - Alan Reid - Ards
2nd) Tristan – Alan Reid – Ards
3rd) The Carpenter – Martin Courtney, Catchlight
Johnny Fee 8px
Comm) Johnny Fee – Ross McKelvey, Catchlight
Gerald 02
Comm) Gerald – Paul Jepps, Catchlight
Comm) Down & Dirty – Vittorio Silvestri, CPA
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