NIPA 2023-24 Results – 3rd place

After five rounds of competition, CPA finished the WEX Interclub Competition 2023-24 in 3rd place overall in the Principal Competition, having finished 2nd in the Mono section, 6th in the Colour section and 4th in the PDI section. In the Novice Competition the standings were 16th in the Mono section, 13th in the Colour section and 2nd in the PDI section which meant an overall 10th place position.

The season brought 17 starred images for 10 members. Congratulations to Stephen Emerson and Joe Carberry who both scored a perfect 15 for ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Belle’ respectively. Three images scored 14: ‘The Chorus Line’ by Joe Carberry, ‘Cone’ by Stephen Haydon and ‘Wet Scoop’ by Brian Maguire. Nine images scored 13.5 where the half mark comes when one of the three NIPA judges represents CPA and so their score is dropped and replaced with the average of the other two judges’ scores; well done to Mark McKeown for ‘Four’, Ossie Bruce for ‘Beautiful Demoiselle’, Brian Maguire for ‘London Architecture’, Peter Adams for ‘Its Raining’ and ‘Determined Hurdler’, and Nicola McKee for ‘All in Black’, ‘Pick Me’, ‘Neon Drinks’ and ‘Poison’. The images scoring 13 were ‘The Pear’ by Chelle McGaughey, ‘Watching Charlie’ by Stephen Emerson and ‘Yellow Dung Fly’ by Paula Johnson.

Well done to Paula on her first NIPA star and to Nicola who in her first season has doubled the number of stars needed to move from Novice to Advanced! As always a huge shout out to all the members who had images selected to represent CPA in the Interclub Competition this year, and to those who entered each round and gave the judges plenty of choice from which to make their selection.

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