NIPA 2023-24 RD 1 – Open

On Tuesday 26 September we had our first competition of the year with Round 1 of the WEX Interclub Competition for the 2023-24 season. This Open round was judged for us by John Lambe LIPF CPAGB, who is one of the new NIPA judges this year, and the current NIPA Vice President. We’ve introduced a change this season by separating our advanced and novice entries so that we can run a Novice Photographer of the Year competition as well as our usual Principal Photographer of the Year. John commented on all the novice images before selecting the top four images, doing the same thing for the advanced images. From those top eight images, he selected the four going through to NIPA.

John’s selection was as follows:


1. April with Tattoo – Brian McClure
2. Four – Mark McKeown
3. Sweet Dreams – Stephen Emerson
4. Life Long Lived – Chelle McGaughey

1. Fallen Tree – Joe Carberry
2. St Hugh’s Choir – Colin Paul
3. Tranquil Ha Long – Vittorio Silvestri
4. Big Boots to Fill – Steve Haydon

1. Eat Your Grub – Brian Maguire
2. Beautiful Demoiselle – Ossie Bruce
3. Hmong Ladies – Pauline McAleese
4. Crooked Vaults – Colin Paul

1. Arches – Kim Haydon
2. Pirate – Kim Haydon
3. St John’s Lighthouse Pier – Luke McCabe
4. Our Summer House – Stephen Boyd

1. Giant’s Causeway – Luke McCabe
2. Arranmore East Coast – Luke McCabe
3. Iris – Nicola McKee
4. Yellowhammer – Stephen Boyd

1. Strength – Nicola McKee
2. Wild Camp – Leigh Baber
3. Bridge – Nicola McKee
4. Sunset Reflection – Kim Haydon

Very well done to new members Mark McKeown, Luke McCabe, Joe Carberry and Nicola McKee who all had images selected in their first CPA competition – a great result.

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