NIPA 2022-23 Rd4 Results

The Round 4 adjudication for the WEX Interclub Competition was hosted by CB Camera Club on Thursday 23 February 2023. CPA members gained a total of four stars to maintain our first place spot in both the Principal and Novice competitions.

In the mono section, three of the six stars awarded came our way. Congratulations to Trevor Griffith who had a perfect score of 15 for “Pop-up Tailor Industry” – this second star moves Trevor from a Novice to an Advanced worker. The other stars went to Steve Haydon for “Weaver Lady” and Brian Maguire for “Block Works”. There was one star in the colour section for “The Rig” by Brian McClure.

A further three images scored 12, just one mark off the 13 required for a star – “Threads of Industry” by Ossie Bruce and both “Crystal Bowl Etching” and “Catering Industry” by Chelle McGaughey.

Starred Images

Pop-up Tailor Industry

Trevor Griffiths

Weaver Lady

Steve Haydon

Block Works

Brian Maguire

The Rig

Brian McClure

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