Print Battle – CPA vs City of Belfast Photographic Society

On Tuesday 11th April we had our annual print battle with City of Belfast Photographic Society. It was our turn to host the event and welcome the members from City of Belfast to CPA. Our judge for the evening was Gary Johnston from CBPPU. 

Each club brought along 15 mono and 15 colour prints and Gary commented on all 60 images, scoring each out of 5, then selecting the top print in each round which gained an extra mark. Congratulations to Paul Hanley who had the top mono print and to Steve Haydon who had the top colour print on the night. 

CPA 61
CoB 47

CPA 68
CoB 50

CPA 129
CoB 97

Our thanks to Peter and all the guys at CoB for coming along to CPA and to Gary for his constructive comments. We look forward to visiting City of Belfast next season for the 2018 battle.

This was our second print battle of the season, having competed against CBPPU last week. Many of the prints we used against City of Belfast also had an airing last week at CB, and afterwards someone commented that it would be interesting to see how the prints scored with a different judge. At CB our 40 prints scored a total of 129 points, exactly the same score gained against CoB with only 30 prints on the board. This is probably due to the fact that Gary did not score any print on the board lower than 3, whereas Brian McKenna assigned a number of 1 and 2 point scores last week. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, people!

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