NIPA Rd 4 – Open

On Tuesday 17th January 2017 we had Round 4 of the Calumet Interclub Competition. Our judge for the evening was Hugh Wilkinson from Catchlight Camera Club.

Hugh took the time to comment on each image in what was a very diverse entry for this last open round of the season. Many thanks for your time and expertise, Hugh. 

Hugh’s choice of placed images was as follows:


1) Paul Hanley – The Shell Haus, Berlin
2) William Allen – Hall of Learning
3) Paul Hanley – Three
4) Pauline McAleese – Boat Building at Custom House Square


1) William Allen – Old Farmhouse
2) Robert Sergeant – Krakow by Night
3) Vittorio Silvestri – Porcelain Fungi
4) William Allen – Albert Clock


1) Paul Hanley – Valencia
2) Louise Borbely – Lepiota
3) Chelle McGaughey – A Splash of Colour
4) John Winder – River Lagan

Club points to date can be found at the following link

Old Farmhouse
Shell Haus, Berlin

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