Joan Blease

We were delighted to welcome the award-winning photographer Joan Blease to CPA on Tuesday 18th October. Joan talked about her beginnings in art school and her move into photography, her first year as a club photographer, the link between photography and painting and how the ‘rules’ we live by can be clearly seen in the work of the Masters just as they can and indeed should be ‘broken’ when it makes for a stronger image. Joan then shared some of her more creative work, demonstrating how several images can be combined with imagination to make one striking image. In his vote of thanks on behalf of the club, Jim McKeever commented that it was the best presentation he had witnessed and described Joan as a wonderful ‘pictorialist’.

Joan also very generously presented one of her images to a club member. Steve’s luck is obviously in this week as he found out earlier that two of his images have been chosen for use in the latest National Trust Handbook, and now he can add a Joan Blease original detailing classic cars in Cuba to his art collection.

Many thanks for sharing your work with us, Joan. For those club members who were unfortunate enough to miss Joan’s inspiring talk, please visit her website.

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