NIPA RD1 – Open

Last night we had the NIPA round 1 Open competition.

Our judge for the evening was Peter Knot CPAGB, from Ards and City of Belfast photographic society.

Peter took some time previewing the images and then commented on each one individually.

He gave positive comments and suggestions on how he thought some images could be improved.

He had 16 B&W, 34 colour and 26 PDI’s to judge, an extremely good entry.

Many thanks Peter for your time and effort.

His choice of placed images was as follows:


1st) Maggie O’Neill – Bad Eddie
2nd) Louise Borbely – Tranquility
3rd) Louise Borbely – Rocks at Fanore
4th) David Moore – Sunburst
N) David Moore – Sunburst

1st) Louise Borbely – Welcome Home
2nd) Louise Borbely – Ruffled Feathers
3rd) Steve Haydon -Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
4th) Louise Borbely – Bluebell Wood
N) Louise Borbely – Bluebell Wood

1st) Louise Borbely – Fanore Sunset
2nd) David Moore – City Mueseum & Art Gallery
3rd) Vittorio Silvestri – Fungi
4th) Louise Borbely – Anyone for Cricket
N) Louise Borbely – Anyone for Cricket

Points to date can be found at Monthly Competitions 1314

Bad Eddie
Maggie O’Neill
Welcome Home
Louise Borbely
A_CPA_RD1_Fanore Sunset_Louise Borbley_N
Fanore Sunset
Louise Borbely

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