Print Battle with the City of Belfast Photographic Society

Last night we had our annual print battle with the City of Belfast Photographic Society.

It was our turn to host it and we had a good turnout of our own members along with 5 members from CoBPS, Honor, Adrian, William, Austin and Peter.

Our judge for the evening was Shorts CC chairman John Belshaw.

John is a very experienced judge on the NIPA scene, which is just as well as he had 80 prints (40 mono & 40 colour) to judge and comment on in less than 2 hours.

He did a wonderful job giving good constructive comments on every print, no mean feat.

John scored each print out of 10, averaging just above 6 and giving one mono and one colour print a score of 9, congratulations to Balfour and Louise for these scores.

Thanks for your time and effort John.


The scores for the mono round were CPA 131 and Cob 123.

The scores for the colour round were CPA 140 and CoB 129.

Giving a total score of CPA 271 and CoB 252.


Congratulation everyone and thanks for bringing the Prints.



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