An Evening With Ian Lyons ARPS

This was a most enjoyable evening with Ian Lyons ARPS.

His talk was based on several expeditions taking in the Grand Tetons north of Jackson Hole, Yellowstone National Park, and some of the parks in Utah. These tours in the company of other photographers, we learned, can be very competitive and he who did not have at least 400mm at the ready, missed the shot, be it landscape or wildlife.

As in previous talks to CPA, Ian was full of interesting and useful comment, this time on composition, on using a variety of lenses from extreme wide to very long, and not relying too much on filters or post-processing,
rather choosing the right moment and above all having the camera ready for action.
Ian finished an excellent talk by showing his RPS panel which comprised many fine shots taken in different seasons on these tours to Wyoming and Utah.


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